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We founded N&R Foldings Japan LLC. in Japan!!


2012.12.20th Dec. 2012

Naoki Kawamoto Design Secures the Famed Platinum A' Design Award

23935-logo-medium.pngA' Award and Competitions are proud to inform that the project Orishiki Hand Bag by Naoki Kawamoto became winner of the famous Platinum A' Design Award in Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category

We founded N&R Foldings Co.,Ltd. in UK!

N&R Foldings is a London/Tokyo based Design studio founded by Rodrigo Solorzano and Naoki Kawamoto.
With a particular interest in digital generation and digital fabrication techniques N&R’s work draws inspiration from Origami's its functional capabilities.
This has led them to the creation of different articulated surfaces that offer solutions to big variety of products.
8th May 2012

I am exhibiting ORISHIKI 5th - 7th of June at Pluse London 2011


DT_logo02.jpg10月30日(土)~11月2日(火) 11:00~ 21:00
11月 3日 (水)11:00~17:00(最終入場時間 16:00)

Thank you for coming!!

New Products

ORISHIKI Spectacle case

ORISHIKI - clutch bag

Show space design and building work for Royal Society's exhibition.

ORISHIKI on The Icon Product Yearbook 2010


LinkIconYearbook on websites
Please check P.48 and p.54 on the book!!

Artist-in-residence programs in BankArt Yokohama (Japan)


Sakura sou 桜荘
Orishiki @ 100%Design London

Orishiki @ 100%Design London

100% Futures 2009 24/Sep. - 27/Sep.

description : Cesar Minoru Harada

OnOffice Logo.jpgOnoffice magazine Nov.2009
名称未設定-1.jpgORISHIKI at icon magazine Dec.2009

logo.gifMe designmag

Musical Kettle 2009

Designed by Yuri Suzuki
Technical helped by Naoki Kawamoto

Yumi project 2008 RCA

MOVINGBAR 2005 (Tokyo)

My Portfolio

orishikiSS-1.jpg ORISHIKI

postcard_yumi-SSS.jpg YUMI

open00-1SSS.jpg ONION


Tp-SSS.jpg Portable teapot

depression.jpg Depression chair

DSC02401SSS.jpg Espresso cup

O2-sss.jpg Mobile phone O2

nanamenae002-SSS.jpg Office piece