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MBtitle.jpgProject : Since 2004 - Ongoing [BA-Degree project 2005]

29430672_191.jpgNov.2005 MOT(Tokyo)
I have researched and made a mobile multi-use piece of furniture for different surroundings.
I am interested in the concept because of the mobile nature of modern life.
Japanese culture embraces and is nor afraid of change, more than other modern societies which often regards stability as good and is often distrustful of the new.
I interpret change as mobile. I wonted to transform the traditional idea of the `bar' or `pub' fixed in a specific location hence I made the `MOVING BAR', a multi-use piece of furniture which looks like a big trunk on four wheels.
If can be set up anywhere and includes a drinks cabinet, lighting system, table top, and other convenient functions for serving drinks.
My concept is that a bar provides a communication space between people, so this idea is to make such spaces convenient and mobile.
I would like to continue making the `moving series' in my life. In addition I would like to try other kind of product design projects to reform the environment, life and people's happiness.



Tactical Museum. Tokyo
JDN - degree show selection-